Sofia Encinas New Valentine’s Day Products for February!

Today I am going to show you all whats new in our shop for this month!

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We are constantly trying to come up with new ideas at the shop, looking at material and fabric in a different way than most.  Instead of thinking of a new idea, and creating it out of new fabric like most designers, I try to take material from clothes that have already served their purpose onces and make that into something new, fresh, inspired and unique.  My designs are 100% original and are always made by up-cycling materials that are already in existence.  I would like to show you all some of our new featured products for Valentine’s Day and the month of February.

This first piece is a Vintage Gauze Fabric Scarf/Shawl with Pink Edging and Tassels.
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This unique piece was inspired by the cotton gauze fabric from some curtains that a girl friend of mine was planning to replace.  The gauze was cut into a 50in by 50in square making it large enough to cross the shoulders and then the tassels from those same curtains were sewn all the way around, giving it a vintage look.
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The next piece is a Coral Fringe Scarf with matching Bracelet.

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This fun unique scarf was inspired by a lycra shirt that was donated to me, and after looking at it closely I realized the reason it was donated was become it had a hole in it.  I could no longer be used as a shirt, so I decided to cut it into strips and make it into something fun.  The scarf has croched accents that give it a chunky look, and the bracelet was made using the finger crochet method.  Come back soon, we are going to have a blog post on how to crochet with just your fingers!
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This next piece isn’t brand new, but still fits in very well with our Valentine’s Day Theme.   Amigurumi — Stuffed Lamb Friend

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This little guy, the perfect companion for any little lamb in your life is made out of second hand t-shirts cut into strips and crocheted.  The button eyes were taken from a sweater.  The stuffing on the inside is made from fabric scraps from t-shirts and other projects that were too small to be used again.  Take this little guy and give him a good home!

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Last but not least is our monthly sale item!  You will feel like you are in the stars when you use this Sweatshirt Purse.


Pink XL sweatshirt with handpainted spray paint stars, the chain and safety pins were also added to give it a little bit more of a grudge look.  The front pocket is still intact, but underneath the flap is the zipper to the main pocket.  The strap for this bag was made by linking the arms together.  This super cool up-cycled sweatshirt bag is much bigger than it looks, measuring about 22 inches across and 13 inches high (not including the strap).  This bag was original $63.00, but can be found on sale in our Etsy shop for just $54.00!

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 I would love to hear what you think!  What inspires you to up-cycle?  Please feel free to give suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions in the comments below!    GET CREATIVE!


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