DIY Fringe Bottom T-Shirt/Blouse

While I was in Costa Rica, I had the perfect view to help inspire my creativity.  I decided to make this new shirt out of a t-shirt I had brought with me.

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Inspired by the trees, oceans, warmth of weather and people while we were in Costa Rica recently, I created this new fun top.  I have included instructions for you in case you too want to create something similar with something you own.  Enjoy!!!


  • T-shirt/Blouse/Shirt You Want To Use
  • Small Sewing Kit (Because I was traveling)
  • Scissors
  • Soap (It is a good tool to use if you are on the go to mark the fabric… it is very accessable and comes off easily)

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So the first thing I did was cut off the hems from the sleeves, neck and bottom of the shirt.

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Next I cut the tag out…  it always bothers me and I decided to use it in a different project to leave a thank you note.

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I used my book as a ruler, and the soap as a market to indicate how high up on the shirt I wanted the fringe/strips to start.

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I used the pins that were in the sewing kit to hold the shirt together above the line I had drawn with the soap so that the shirt didn’t move back while I was cutting.

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This is a picture my husband took of me working on the shirt because he said I looked very inspired!  I think he was right!!   😛

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The next step is to cut from the bottom up to the line you indicated, cutting strips about 1 cm wide.  I like to cut smaller strips so there are more of them, but the truth is you can make the strips as narrow or wide as you want.  I cut the front first and the turned the shirt over and cut the back.  You can cut both at the same time if you want, but I’ve noticed when I do that (usually to try and save time) my back strips always come out crooked.

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Cutting the front.

photo 5 web

Cutting the back.

Once the strips are cut, I pull them gently to stretch them out a little bit.  This will make them curl slightly.

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My next step was to do the same thing I did with the bottom of the shirt to the two sleeves.  This time I didn’t need to measure or pin because I just cut 1 cm wide strips from the ends of the sleeve up to the shoulder seam.  Once finished, I also pulled them gently to stretch the material a little bit.

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At this point, I tried on the shirt and thought it might look better having the strips cut in a little higher in the front to form a upside down “V”.

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Using one of the arm hems I had already cut off, I cut it so it would be a strip instead of a circle.  This is what I was going to use to put the final touches on my new shirt.

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I look the strip and tied it to the from the collar to the fringe of the blouse in order to give it a cinch look around the bust.  I just tied the strip in a knot, so if you are going to try this, you can make the cinch as tight or loose as you want it.
And….  This was my final product!!

Front View

Front View

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Back View

What do you think??  Is this a project you want to try yourself??

I would love to hear from you!  Suggestions, comments or questions are always welcome, just put them in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you!  Please share this project with others so we can continue to have fun and help the environment at the same time!



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