DIY Necklace from a Tubetop

When inspirations hits, you have to take advantage of it, right??

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My inspiration, the giant trees that surrounded us everywhere we went!

I was traveling with my husband when I decided I was sick of everything in my suitcase…  After giving everything a second look, I realized I had a new outfit right in front of me!  I hope you enjoy this transformation.  You can use any type of tubetop that is very colorful.  Please keep in mind that I was traveling and had very limited supplies with me, so feel free to take the idea and transform it into whatever works for you!


  • Tubetop or T-shirt (I think this particular project would be easier with a tubetop but feel free to be creative)
  • Scissors
  • Small Sewing Kit or Traveling Sewing Kit
  • Table

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So, the first thing I did was cut off the bottom hem of the shirt like so…
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Then, this particular tubetop was reversable, I only wanted to keep the colorful side, so I cut off the inner cloth at the top seam and saved it for a future project. Now all I have left is the elasic band around the top and the outer layer of colorful fabric.
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I folded the shirt so the two seams were in the middle and lined up. I cut up the sides using the fold as a guide to make sure my cuts were straight. Keep in mind that most shirts are wider at the bottom than they are at the top.
photo 5 web

I went around the entire shirt cutting it in strips about 1cm wide more or less
photo 1(1) web

Once all the strips were cut, I like to pull them downwards to stretch them out a little bit. They will naturally curl inside themselves.
photo 3(1) web

This is how it looked at the end!!!
photo 4(1) web

That night I went out with my NEW outfit! What do you think??

photo 1(2) web

Front View

photo 2(1) web

Back View

I wor this over a black cocktail dress, but you can also wear it over a bathing suit or tank top… its all up to you.  Is this a project you want to try yourself??

I would love to hear from you!  Suggestions, comments or questions are always welcome, just put them in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you!  Please share this project with others so we can continue to have fun and help the environment at the same time!



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