How to Make a Decrative Flower Out of Your Leftover Seams

In this post, I would like to show you all what you can do with those bottom shirt seams that we have cut off the t-shirts when making t-shirt thread in our other patterns.  FLOWERS!

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T-shirt (it doesn’t matter if the t-shirts have seams on the sides or not)
Thread (Whatever color you want, but preferably something that matches the color of your shirt)
Sewing Needle
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Cut along the bottom end of the t-shirt just above the hem line.  Try to get as close as possible to the stitching without cutting it.

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Once you have the lower hem cut off, you can do the same thing with the hemming on the sleeves as well, you will need to get out your needle and thread.
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It is your decision if you want to double up the seam or cut it apart. It is sometimes easier to double it like I did, so you don’t have to deal with frayed ends, it is also faster when you have to do various flowers. Next, start weaving the needle and thread back and forth through the seam, as shown in the picture. You will start to see that the bottom gets wavy as in the picture.
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When you have woven the thread through the whole seam, pull the strip down a little bit so that it is crincked back and forth throughout the entire seam as shown in the picture and then tie a knot in the thread but don’t cut your thread off.
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The next step is to start from the end where the needle and thread is and start rolling your seam in a circle. I usually will take my needle and push it through every few layers, but you can roll the whole thing and sew it at the end, it just depends on how long your needle is.
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You keep doing that until the end and that’s it! This is how the back should look when you are finished. Tie off your thread and turn it over to see your beautiful t-shirt flower!
photo 2 web

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You can use these flowers to accessorize backs, jackets, cushions, hats and just about anything you like!!!!

Please feel free to give suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions in the comments below!  I would love to hear from you!   GET CREATIVE!


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