DYI Project — Closet Space Saver and Hanger Decorations!

Who really has enough closet space?!?!?!  NOT ME! This is a retro DIY project with a new twist! You can decorate those ugly metal hangers and save space at the same time!  GREAT!

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I was always battling with a way to save space, crunching two or three different things on the same hanger, that is if there was even enough space in my closet for more hangers.  Then one day it came to me when I was walking through a home goods store and saw those hanger space savers…  I thought, I CAN DO THAT!  After much trial and error I finally figured it out and I’m so excited to share this fun project with you all! Here is what you do….


  • Hangers — Metal hangers work as well or better than plastic hangers, but its completely up to you.  I used metal.
  • Material or extra fabric that you can cut into strips and use for decoration (blouses, t-shirts, jeans all work)
  • Soda or Pop Can Tops
  • Nail polish — any color you want!
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

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First, you are going to cut whatever fabric you decided to use into strips between 1/4 and 1/2 inches wide.  It doesn’t have to be exact, but thin enough that they won’t be bulky.
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Next, you are going to put a small dot of hot glue on the top of the hanger where the two sides twist together or on plastic hangers, right where hanger part meets with the hook.  Where you see it in the photo below.
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Stick your first piece of fabric to this point.
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Next start wrapping the fabric around the hanger, putting a small dab of hot glue about every inch or two to make sure the fabric is tight to the hanger.  You can leave bigger spaces between the silicone dabs if you wish, just make sure the fabric doesn’t get too loose because you don’t want things to catch on it or for it to fall apart.
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As you finish the first piece of fabric, make sure it is glued down.  Please be careful, I don’t want you to burn yourself!
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You will then start the next piece of fabric right where the last one left off.  Again, please be careful.  I know we are all expert glue gunners, but lets be honest, its HOT!
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Just keep doing that until you go around the whole hanger.  I would do this to about 3 or 4 hangers, depending on how long you want your space saver to hang!  Once you are done with each one you will have almost brand new hangers!  New, Fresh and Colorful!! Those metal hangers aren’t so ugly afterall, are they?
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Next, this is where the twist comes in, grab that nail polish and those pop tops!  You are going to paint the pop tops to be any color you want.  You can paint them various colors or all the same color.  In my opinion there is never too much color!
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You can always leave the pop tops silver instead of painting them, its completely up to you… so many options!  Once each pop top has dried you are ready for the next step.  Put one end of the pop top around the hook of the hanger and let it hang down.
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Grab that second hanger and put in through the second bottom loop of the pop top.  Here you will see one painted pop top and one non painted pop top so you can get an idea of how it will look each way.
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So, do that with two or three different hangers and VIOLA! You have a fun, inexpensive, closet space saver using materials that you probably already had laying around the house!  I hope you like this project.

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So, What did you think of this project?  Did you like it? Was it helpful?  I would love to hear you suggestions, comments or questions, just put them in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you!  Please share this project with others so we can continue to have fun and help the environment at the same time!



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