Spaghetti Rag Rugs Tutorial

Spaghetti Rag Rugs Tutorial

I love making my own home accessories and especially making them out of fun stuff I already have around the house.  I saw this video and thought it was a great tutorial on how to easily make a the rag rugs that we all once loved!

In this video, you will see a tutorial of how to make a Spaghetti rag rug.  The language is Portugal, but its pretty self explanatory with the pictures and the video showing you what to do step by step, so I don’t think anyone will have problems with the language, but if you do, please just let me know and I can help clear up what they say.


Pretty awesome video RIGHT!

The instructions say that you should use lycra, but really you can use any material you have around.  T-shirts or clothes that you don’t use anymore, bedsheets and even jeans if you have enough pairs.  Just follow the instructions the same way for any of the different materials.  The only difference that you might find is that some of the more bulky material might be harder to hook, but just be patient and use your fingers to help it along.

The only difference between a regular rag rug and a spaghetti rag rug is the size of your strips.  So the more spaghetti like you want them, the thinner you can make each one.

The video below is also really cool!  It will give you some great ideas on where, how, and with what materials you can make a rag rug.


I hope you enjoy the videos!!  Feel free to let me know what you think, or post pictures to show everyone the cool project you made!  Can’t wait to see them!

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