Simple Halloween Skull Shirt

I  Will Teach You How To Make A Really Cool Halloween Themed/Skull Shirt Out Of Materials You Already Have At Home

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I found a shirt that no longer used, but I liked the fabric.


A Blouse, preferably black or dark colored to go with the Skull Theme
Also, if you have a second blouse that has a pattern on it that can be used as a crown or is attention grabbing that can also be included (optional)
Zippers that can be taken from other blouses or sweaters that are no longer usable.
Fabric Marker (I like to use leftover soap, removed with water and does not stain the fabric)

photo 1 logo First fold the shirt in half so that the crease is down the middle, and pin the sleeves up as pictured so they are out of the way.  This is so that when you draw or cut, everything will be the same proportionally on both sides.

photo 2 logoCut flowers or crown from the second t-shirt and fold it in half.  Pin it lightly to the t-shirt in order to draw the dimensions for the skull face.  In this way, you will be able to draw them to match where you want them underneath the crown or accent that you choose.  The next step is to draw your face with soap or a washable clothing marker.
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After, cut the skull out of the fabric.  NOTE: The cutting of the skull does not have to be perfect.  T-Shirts normally will wear and deform a little bit naturally with use.  Also, because it is in the center of the fabric, it will not unravel itself, so there is no need to create a finished edge if you don’t want to.
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I like the idea of ​​making ribs in the back so without moving the t-shirt marked lines on the back side of the fold in order to simulate ribs.
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Remember, don’t cut the ribs from the fold line.  It will create one big slit instead of the two smaller slits that you want.  I recommend a slit about 2-3 inches long.  I also positioned mine one inch apart by using a grid board.  Here is an example.
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The blouse is already completed, the skull and ribs are ready to put on any top. However, I like details and lots of color, so I picked a fushia/pink colored zipper that matched my crown decoration on the front to act as the spine.  I decided to not just put the zipper up the back, but continue the theme throughout the neckline to bring the two sides together and give it a unique punky look.
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The next and final step is to sew the crown and the zippers in place.  Depending on your skill level, you can hand sew or use fabric glue to secure the pieces in place.  I personally prefer to sew using a sewing machine.
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I recommend wearing a white blouse under something like this so that the black and pink stand out more, but its completely up to your style.  photo 2 logophoto 3 logo

Thats it!  Now its ready for Halloween or any other spooky occasion!!!!! Please feel free to give suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions in the comments below!  I would love to hear from you!   GET CREATIVE!


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