HOW TO: Dress Up Your Mannequin Heads

Here We Will Show You How To Make Your Mannequin Heads and Demo Heads Look Better and Unique!

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Styrofoam Head (Normally they come white, but I had painted mine black)
Sheets paper, either newspaper or magazines that have pure words on them (I have many magazines, so I chose covered with magazines, I like to decorate things with letters, but you can choose to use anything that you like, pictures, designs, you just have to have a lot of them)
Black paint
Paper scissors
White glue
Container for glue or paint.
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Cut letters from magazines in squares or rectangles of different sizes. For the curves of the face you will need very small squares, but for the top of the head and neck, you can use bigger pieces.  I wouldn’t go any bigger than 1×2 inches.  Larger than that, they are very hard to lay flat and you start to get creases.
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I also got lucky and found in a magazine a strip of headless bodies and I decided to use them as the Edge or neck strip for the bottom of my mannequin. It looked cool because they were a bunch of little bodies all around the bottom of my mannequin head.

I put the white glue into the container without diluting.
photo 3 web

Then I started putting glue one piece at a time on the back of my little squares of letters with a paint brush.  You can also put the glue directly on the head, just make sure you do it section by section or fast enough so the glue doesn’t dry on you.
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Once you have the whole head covered, I put one more layer of glue over the whole thing in order to make sure each piece was smoothed down and would stick firmly.  It also gives it a protective coating.  (You can also use modge podge to protect and finish)
photo 5 web

The final touch is a mere detail in the bottom with black paint to finish.
photo 1(1) web

This can be used as a decoration, but I also use it to model hats.  I hope you liked the project, and as always GET CREATIVE!
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Please feel free to give suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions in the comments below!  I would love to hear from you!   GET CREATIVE!


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